Centre of Military-Political Studies as a social organization appeared in September 2008, at once after the Russian war against Georgia.

Experts of CMPS are the members of the public Internet project "Flot2017» (http://flot2017.com/) at the same time. The project was aimed at studying of the problems of regional security in the Black Sea region and the problems of development of national security and defense in Ukraine. And also, as a local problem, its aim was an analysis of the problems of the stationing sit of Black Sea Fleet’s of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, as a challenge to the national security of our country.

In September 2008 CMPS was legalized as a public institution through the announcement of the legalized body (on the basis of Art. 14 of the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens' Associations").

From that moment CMPS became an informal association of the like-minded experts (mostly from the military background), who worked with the problems in the national security and defense area, as well as elaborations of the ways and mechanisms of the solutions of these problems. The main direction of the CMPS activities was preparation and publication of the analytical spreads in mass-media as for the processes, which are happening in the field of national security and defense of Ukraine, as well as the research in the area of the international security.

In April 2014 CMPS passed the registration process.

On the 2nd of March, 2014, with the beginning of the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine and annexation of the Crimea, it appeared an intelligence initiative “Informational resistance” in the framework of CMPS’ activity. "In the period from March to June 2014 CMPS worked in the format of the group "Informational Resistance." Since June 2014 the group "Informational Resistance" continued its work as a part of initiatives of CMPS.