About us

CMPS vision is contributing to a new form of cooperation’s between government, armed forces, non-governmental organizations and private sector in the framework of civil society with aim to improve the quality of Ukraine’s security and defense by providing concept and policy advice based on academic and filed researches.

 The Center of Military-Political Studies is non-profit organization that helps to improve decision making process in the areas of security and defense through high-quality research, analysis and practical recommendations  As a non-governmental organization which operates independent of governmental, political and commercial influences. 

Core values are objectivity, quality of research and practical applications of recommendation.

Centre of Military-Political Studies is a voluntary association of individuals, former and current employees of the military and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine who aim to create a non-governmental analytical center to research and analyze the internal and external threats to the national security of Ukraine. The main tasks of the center are: interaction with the central authorities and public institutions in the framework of democratic civilian control in the national security area; presenting to the public discussion of the actual problems which are related to the life and development of the "power" ministries and departments of the state: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ukrainian Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, State Border Service of Ukraine, etc.; interaction with the central authorities and public organizations in the framework of a democratic, civilian control in the national security and defense area.