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CMPS organized a round table “Russian intervention: how to ensure information security of the state?”

On the 1st of August 2014 in a conference hall of the information agency “Ukrinform” (Kiev, B.Hmelnitskogo street, 8\16) there was held a round table on the topic “Russian intervention: how to ensure information security of the state?”

The arranger of the event was Centre of Military-Political Studies (CMPS).

Following representatives took part in the round table:

Dmitriy TYMCHUCK, leader of CMPS, coordinator of the group “Information Resistance”(“IR”);

Yuriy KARIN, expert of CMPS, coordinator of the group – head editor of “IR”;

Vyacheslav GUSAROV, expert of CMPS;

Alexander LEONOV, head of the Centre of engineering political studies “Penta”;

Sergey TOLSTOV, chief of the Institute of political analysis and international studies;

Yulia PAPUTINA, deputy of the chief of SSU Department;

Yuriy POVH, consulter of Minister of Defense.

There were discussed following questions during the event:

- Ukraine in the Russian’s propaganda sight: “information defenselessness” and its results;

- Ways of forming of the international public opinion: solutions for Ukraine;

- Ways of creating of the state mechanisms for information countermeasures;

- Strategy and tactics of Ukraine in a permanent information war;

- Donbass as a “victim” of the Russian information intervention;

- Powers of ATO in the context of propaganda and counterpropaganda: outward glance.

Report of Dmitriy Tymchuck, the leader of CMPS, is on the site “Information Resistance”:


Video record of the round table