Our projects

From the moment of military invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, members of CMPS initiated a creation of intelligence and information initiative which is called "group" Information Resistance "(IR). Its task was to receive, to handle (to check) and to overspread the latest update as for military invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. The main aim of the IR members was to set against the Russian advocacy the facts and to create a real picture of the events in the informational area of Ukraine.


Firstly, the latest update of the group was overspreading through the facebook page of the group’s coordinator of IR Dmitriy Tymchuck. Now this page sets the 2nD place in the rating of all Ukrainian facebook users and gets popularity of 161 thousands of followers - http://watcher.com.ua/facebook-reiting/

In the social net Twitter 38 thousands of people follow the information from the group IR. Also the messages from the group are actively overspread by the users of Russian socials nets like Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

Press centre of the headquarter of EuroMaidan’s national resistance helped a lot with the realization of CMPS from the very beginning of IR activities (http://maidantranslations.com/ ) Euromaidan’s members translate the messages of Informational Resistance to foreign languages and through their channels overspread these messages to the editorial stuff of foreign mass-media. Also “Informational Resistance” gets support from its mass-media partners in Internet, such once like “FLOT2017" - http://flot2017.com/, "HVYLYA" - http://hvylya.org/, "SLED - http://sled.net.ua/, "CRIME" - http://crime.in.ua/

All the activities of the "Informational Resistance" are realized by personal funds of participants of the initiative and with the help of the office equipment and communications equipment, which are in the ownership of the group members. The group “Informational Resistance” does not have its own staff office.

From the 12th of May 2014 by the means of CMPS members it was created and put on the Web an Internet resource “Informational Resistance” - http://sprotyv.info/ru / The main purpose of the resource is an opposition to the foreign advocacy impact, it means to provide with the objective information against the informational attacks. The content consists of analytical materials as for the issues of confrontation of Russian and Ukraine, which are prepared by the CMPR experts on the ground of monitoring and analysis of threats for Ukraine in the military, informational, economical (energy) security spheres.

To the project’s authors ‘opinion, the creation of such a resource is coursed by the lack of media in Ukraine, which can resist the negative informative impact to Ukraine from neighbor countries, and exactly Russia. The authors of the project are sure that due to unique scheduled materials that a created on its ground researches of the CMPS experts, will be read by difference mass media, and the facts will be brought to the knowledge of wide range of pubic and politicians.